Semi-precious Stones

  • e-kns0
    Flat Kyanite Tear Earring: Small

    Flat Kyanite Tear Earring: Small

  • e-ftj7
    Elliptic Gem Earring

    Elliptic Gem Earring

  • n-ss13
    13 Gem and Faceted Hex Bead Necklace

    13 Gem and Faceted Hex Bead Necklace

  • n-ss40
    Gem Cluster Necklace

    Gem Cluster Necklace

  • n-ss35
    Gem Quintuple Cluster Necklace

    Gem Quintuple Cluster Necklace

  • n-ss20
    Gem and Faceted Hex Necklace

    Gem and Faceted Hex Necklace

  • n-cma2
    Closed Marquise Necklace w/ stone

    Closed Marquise Necklace w/ stone

  • e-bri9
    Baby Geo: ring Earring w/ rondell

    Baby Geo: ring Earring w/ rondell

  • e-cma2
    Closed Marquise Earring w/ Rondelle

    Closed Marquise Earring w/ Rondelle

  • e-ki13
    Kyanite Pebble and Rice Earring

    Kyanite Pebble and Rice Earring

  • e-ki70
    Double Teardrop Earring

    Double Teardrop Earring

  • e-ki73
    Three Kyanite Earring

    Three Kyanite Earring

  • e-ki80
    Cube Earring

    Cube Earring

  • e-ki60
    Open Rectangle Earring

    Open Rectangle Earring

  • e-ki23
    Kyanite Slice Earring

    Kyanite Slice Earring

  • e-ki22

    Rectangle and Rondelle Bar Earring

  • e-ki21

    Long Drop and Rectangle Earring

  • e-si35

    Flat Round and Rondelles Earring

  • e-si30

    Three Petals Earring

  • e-si34

    Large Punched Disc and Pebble Earring

  • e-si22

    Petal and Rondelle Earring

  • e-si09

    K2 Long Drop Earrings

  • e-si33

    Three Disc and Rondelle Earrings

  • e-si11

    Small Punched Earrings

  • e-si05

    Five Blue Rondelle Earrings

  • e-si91

    Jumbo Crazy Cut with Marquise Labradorite Earring

  • e-lx30

    Lapis Cluster Earring

  • e-bl18

    Flat Marquise with Gemstone Collar Earring

  • n-k000-set6

    Set of 6 Pink and Green Necklaces - as shown

  • n-k601

    Hammered U with Green Pearl Collar Necklace

  • n-k500

    Five Green Pebble Necklace

  • n-k02f

    Shaded Tourmaline and Hammered Slice Necklace

  • n-k089

    Mixed Pink and Green Necklace

  • n-k035

    Frosted Rose Quartz w Tiny Accents Sets Necklace

  • n-k010

    Rose Quartz Nugget Necklace

  • n-k005

    Multi Green Rondelle Necklace

  • e-8r06

    Fall Rondelles Earring

  • e-8r05

    Small Disc and Rondelle Earring

  • e-8r04

    Small Hammered Ring and Rondelle Earring

  • e-8r03

    Punched Round and Garnet Earring

  • e-8r02

    Multi Gem Stick Earring

  • e-8r01

    Smokey Quartz Geo Shape Earring

  • e-8g02

    Hammered Disc and Rondelle Earring

  • e-8gzu

    Bezel Small Cube Labradorite Earring

  • e-8gza

    Bezel Arrowhead Labradorite Earring

  • e-8gr3

    Beaded Circlet and Rondelle Earring

  • e-8bt0

    Faceted Black Spinel Teardrop Earring

  • e-8bz0

    Black Spear Earring

  • e-8bu2

    Cube Duo Earring

  • e-8b20

    Large Black Garnet Cube Earring

  • e-8b39

    Rondelle Stick Earring

  • e-8b33

    Three Capped Rondelle Earrings

  • e-8bv3

    Medium Open Oval Earring with Dangling Rondelles

  • e-8bv2

    Large Open Oval Earring with Black Stripe

  • n-8b2f

    Black Garnet Full Necklace with Half Oval

  • n-8b39

    Black Garnet Bar Necklace with Stardust Accents

  • n-8b33

    Three Capped Rondelle Necklace

  • n-8b40

    Half Oval with Gemstone Collar Necklace

  • n-8b10

    Small Shield with Gemstone Collar Necklace

  • n-8b03

    Long Black Garnet Marquise Necklace

  • n-8bt2

    Square Charm with Rondelle Necklace

  • n-8r51

    5 Linked Smokey Quartz Necklace

  • n-bu68

    Rustic Blue and Chain Long Necklace

  • n-bu61

    Rustic Blue and Chain Necklace

  • n-bu88

    Mini Apatite Square Bar Necklace

  • n-bu12

    Mini Apatite Square and Gold Necklace

  • n-bu02

    Ring and Apatite Stick Necklace

  • e-bu02

    Ring and Apatite Stick Earrings

  • e-s000

    Pink Chalcedony Briolette Earring

  • n-ss88

    Multi Mixed Pink Briolette Bib Necklace

  • n-ss77

    Mixed Pink Chalcedony Briolette Necklace

  • n-dtt2

    Tiny Dot and Gem Necklace

  • n-ss01

    Simple Briolette Necklace

  • n-ss44

    Four Simple Rondelles Necklace

  • n-ct99

    Crystal Cluster Necklace

  • n-hep6

    Linked Herkimer and Pyrite Necklace

  • n-he51

    Herkeimer Diamond Dangles Necklace

  • e-he05

    Five Tiny Herkimer Diamond Earring

  • e-he21

    Herkimer Diamond Chain Earring

  • e-ms20

    Moonstone and Pyrite Earring

  • e-ms03

    Three Linked Moonstone Earring

  • e-ms04

    Stacked Moonstone Earring

  • e-ms31

    Moonstone Chain Earring with Gold Crazy Cut Accent

  • n-ms01

    Simple Moonstone Nugget Necklace

  • n-ms05

    5 Linked Moonstone Necklace

  • n-ms12

    Strung Moonstone Nugget Necklace

  • e-dh12

    Big/Little Diamond Point & Herkimer Earring

  • e-dh22

    Layered Diamond Point & Herkimer Earring

  • e-dh79

    Diamond Point and Herkimer Diamond Chain Earrings

  • e-dh03

    Small Diamond Point and Herkimer Earring

  • n-dh22

    Diamond Point and Tiny Herkimer Necklace

  • n-dh07

    7 Herkimer and Diamond Point Necklace

  • n-dh14

    Herkimer and Diamond Point Drop Necklace

  • n-dh79

    Herkimer and Diamond Point Double Chain Necklace

  • n-he50

    Five Connected Herkimer Diamond Necklace

  • e-he07

    Herkimer Diamond Swing Earring

  • e-pv24

    Ovid and Rondelle Earrings

  • e-bz01

    Pendant Chain and Mystic Topaz Earrings

  • e-bz03

    Simple Rondelle Earring

  • n-bz35

    Mixed Gem Quintuple Cluster Necklace

  • n-pv18

    Pointed Ovid and Rondelle Necklace

  • n-pv3s

    Ovid and Briolette Necklace - Andalusite

  • n-pv3i

    Ovid and Briolette Necklace - Iolte

  • n-pv3g

    Ovid and Briolette Necklace - Garnet

  • n-he06

    Flat RIng and Herkimer Diamond Necklace

  • n-he05

    Five Linked Herkimer Diamond Necklace

  • n-he03

    Three Herkimer Diamond Necklace

  • n-he02

    Marquise and Herkimer Diamond Necklace

  • n-he00

    Tiny Herkimer Diamond Necklace

  • n-bz15

    Chain and Rondelle Necklace

  • n-bz08

    Stacked Fall Rondelle Necklace

  • n-bz04

    Rondelle and Tiny Oval Necklace

  • n-bz2c

    Briolette and Rondelle Necklace - Garnet

  • n-bz2b

    Briolette and Rondelle Necklace - Grossular Garnet

  • n-bz2a

    Briolette and Rondelle Necklace - Andalusite

  • e-pv22

    Pointed Ovid and Briolette Earring

  • e-pv18

    Pointed Ovid and Rondelle Earring

  • e-he22

    Large Marquise and Herkimer Diamond Earring

  • e-he04

    Flat Ring and Herkimer Diamond Earring

  • e-he03

    Triple Herkimer Diamond Earring

  • e-he02

    Marquise and Herkimer Diamond Earring

  • e-he00

    Tiny Herkimer Diamond Earring

  • e-bzm2

    Moroccan Frame and Sunstone Earring

  • e-bz14

    Multiple Rondelle Chain Earring

  • e-bz13

    Briolette and Rondelle Chain Earring

  • e-bz08

    Stacked Fall Rondelle Earring

  • e-bz04

    Rondelle and Tiny Oval Earring

  • e-lb02

    Ring and Labradorite Stick Earrings

  • e-lb00

    Simple Silimanite Bar Earrings

  • e-lb01

    Pendant Chain and Labradorite Earrings

  • n-lb82

    Labradorite and Chain Necklace

  • n-lb02

    Ring and Labradorite Stick Necklace

  • n-lb01

    Pendant Chain and Labradorite Necklace

  • n-ss33

    Triple Stone & Nugget Rondelle Necklace

  • n-ss03

    Triple Stone Rondelle Necklace

  • n-kb00

    Simple Sillimanite Necklace

  • n-kh01

    Herkimer Diamond Necklace

  • e-kn00

    Kyanite Slice Earring

  • e-kn01

    Kyanite Slice Chain Drop Earring

  • e-kn22

    Kyanite Slice and Oval Earring

  • e-kn31

    Three Kyanite Slice Swing Earring

  • e-kn33

    Kyanite Slice and Silver Earring

  • e-kn79

    Double Kyanite Teardrop and Silver Earring

  • e-knbb

    Large Kyanite Teardrop Earring

  • n-kb88

    Sillimanite and labradorite Necklace

  • n-kb79

    Sillimanite and Stick Necklace

  • n-kh03

    Three Herkimer Diamond Necklace

  • e-dt10

    Tiny Dot Earring w/Rondelle

  • n-tsq1

    Tiny Square with Rondelle Necklace

  • n-ro07

    7 Linked Rondelle Necklace

  • e-rqn1

    Rutilated Qz Chain Earring w/Stardust

  • e-rq40

    Rutilated Quartz and Oval Earring: Double

  • e-rq10

    Cushion Rutilated Quartz Earring

  • e-rqq3

    3 Rutilated Quartz Cube Earring

  • e-rqq2

    Double Rutilated Quartz Cube Earring

  • e-rqq0

    Rutilated Quartz Cube Earring

  • n-rq05

    5 Rutilated Quartz Cushion Necklace

  • n-rq20

    Rutilated Quartz and Oval Necklace

  • n-rq10

    Rutilated Quartz Cushion Necklace w/Stardust

  • n-rq99

    Rutilated Quartz Long Mixed Necklace: 34"

  • n-rq07

    Rutilated Quartz 7-Cube Necklace

  • n-rq13

    Rutilated Quartz Cube Necklace

  • e-jm10

    Hammered Marquise with Faceted Brio Earring

  • e-fv10

    Flat Oval with Faceted Gem Earring

  • e-jr10

    Hammered Ring with Faceted Brio Earring

  • e-fm10

    Flat Marquise with Faceted Brio Earring

  • e-pv10

    Pointed Ovoid with Faceted Gem Earring

  • e-ss19

    Gem Cluster Drop Earring

  • e-ss40

    Gem Cluster Earring

  • e-fts3

    Small Flat Tear Earring w/gems

  • e-ro31

    3 Rondelle and Chain Earring

  • e-ro99

    Multi Rondelle Earrings

  • e-ro08

    Rondelle and Cube Pendant Earrings

  • e-tr10

    Triangle Earring w/Rondelle

  • e-tsq1

    Tiny Square Earring w/Rondelle

  • n-he99

    Long Mixed Herkimer Diamond and Chain Necklace

  • e-csr2

    Small Round Ring Earring w/Rondelle

  • n-csr2

    Small Ring Necklace w/ gem

  • p-dt10

    Dot Post Earring w/Rondelle

  • p-tsq1

    Tiny Square Post Earring w/Rondelle

  • e-bot2

    Baby Geo Oval Earring w/rondelle

  • e-ss07

    Simply Stone Rondelle Cluster Earrings

  • e-ss05

    Simply Stone Briolette + Rondelle Cluster Earrings

  • n-ss-5

    Simply Stone Briolette + Rondelle Bridal Necklace

  • n-ss00

    Simply Stone Briolette Necklace

  • e-mrq2

    Open Marquise Earring w/Gem

  • n-bfd2

    Baby Flat Disc Necklace

  • e-cos2

    Closed Rect Earring

  • n-cos2

    Closed Rect Necklace

  • e-cts2

    Open Rectangle Earring

  • n-cts2

    Open Rectangle Necklace

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