• e-te50
    Solitaire Earring: Teardrop

    Solitaire Earring: Teardrop

  • e-hca0
    Arrow Earring

    Arrow Earring

  • e-fd88
    Four Frosted Disc and Pyrite Rondelle Earring

    Four Frosted Disc and Pyrite Rondelle Earring

  • e-fd4x
    Frosted Disc and Pyrite Nugget Earring

    Frosted Disc and Pyrite Nugget Earring

  • e-fhs0
    Flat Small Heart Earring

    Flat Small Heart Earring

  • e-fhm0
    Flat Medium Heart Earring

    Flat Medium Heart Earring

  • e-rim0
    Mini Disc Earring: icon

    Mini Disc Earring: icon

  • e-fhmm
    Mirrored Hearts Earring

    Mirrored Hearts Earring

  • e-fht2
    Two Tiny Flat Heart Earring

    Two Tiny Flat Heart Earring

  • e-fht4
    Four Tiny Flat Heart Earring

    Four Tiny Flat Heart Earring

  • e-fht3
    Three Tiny Flat Heart Earring

    Three Tiny Flat Heart Earring

  • e-pum1
    Md Punched Disc w/ CZ Earring

    Md Punched Disc w/ CZ Earring

  • e-ibw0
    Itty Bitty Angel Wing Earring

    Itty Bitty Angel Wing Earring

  • e-ibl0
    Itty Bitty Lightening Bolt Earrings

    Itty Bitty Lightening Bolt Earrings

  • e-ibv0
    Itty Bitty Dove Earring

    Itty Bitty Dove Earring

  • p-ibv0

    Itty Bitty Dove Post Earring

  • p-ibk0

    Itty Bitty Key Post Earring

  • p-ibw0

    Itty Bitty Angel Wing Post Earring

  • p-ibb0

    Itty Bitty Bee Post Earring

  • e-bps0

    Baby Geo: Paisley Earring

  • e-cv03

    Punched Oval Earrings: Medium

  • e-cv04

    Punched Oval Earrings: Large

  • e-pul0

    Lg Punched Disc Earring

  • e-pus0

    Small Punched Disc Earring

  • e-pum0

    Md Punched Disc Earring

  • p-ibr0

    Itty Bitty Star Flower Post Earring

  • e-vlt2

    Double Mixed Oval Earrings

  • e-mmc0

    Microcube Earring

  • e-ft-set3

    Flat Teardrop Earring:set 3

  • e-mmc2

    Double Microcube Earring

  • e-vlmt

    Graduated Trpl Ring Earring

  • e-sv31

    Skinny Oval Chain Earring #3

  • e-sv21

    Skinny Oval Chain Earring #2

  • e-sv13

    Triple Skinny Oval Chain Earring

  • e-sv41

    Four skinny Oval Chain Earrings

  • e-sv12

    Big over Little Oval Earring

  • e-ft01

    Flat Teardrop Earring: #1

  • e-mmc3

    Triple Microcube Earring

  • e-vt03

    Triple Tiny Oval Earring

  • e-sv03

    Skinny Oval Earring #3

  • e-sv02

    Skinny Oval Earring #2

  • e-sv01

    Skinny Oval Earring #1

  • e-ft02

    Flat Teardrop Earring: #2

  • e-vt02

    Double Tiny Oval Earring

  • e-vt01

    Tiny Oval Chain Drop Earring

  • e-kns0

    Flat Kyanite Tear Earring: Small

  • e-vt00

    Tiny Oval Earring

  • e-ft3s

    Triple Small Flat Tear Earring

  • e-cv21

    Riveted Double Oval Earring

  • e-fts0

    Small Flat Tear Earring

  • e-ftg0

    Long Flat Tear Earring

  • e-cv3m

    Vertical Oval w/ Flushset CZ Earrings

  • e-ftm0

    Med Flat Tear Earring

  • e-ftl0

    Large Flat Tear Earring

  • e-ft23

    Double Flat Teardrop Earring: Large

  • e-cv33

    Punched out Oval w/ Flushet CZ Earrings

  • e-ft22

    Double Teardrop Earrings

  • e-cv99

    Oval Tassel Earrings

  • e-cv45

    Flat Oval Tassel Earring

  • e-ftd5

    Linked Flat Tear & Disc Earring

  • e-cv51

    Small Oval and Tassel Earring

  • e-crt3

    Flat Tear Chained Earring: Large

  • e-cv22

    Dbl Oval Earrings

  • e-vb05

    Long Chain Oval Earring

  • e-pypv

    Ovoid Earring with Pyrite Briolette

  • e-ol03

    Open Oval Riveted Shield Earring

  • e-ol04

    Shield Chain Earring

  • e-vt13

    Triple Tiny Oval Chain Earring

  • e-fxt1

    Tiny Faceted Drop Hex Bead Earrings

  • e-fcxv

    Oval w/ Tiny Faceted Hex Bead Earrings

  • e-fxt2

    Dbl Open Loop Tiny Hex Earrings

  • e-fxt0

    Tiny Hex Bead Earrings

  • e-fcx4

    Open Loop Chain Earrings w/ Tiny Faceted Hex Beads

  • e-sv79

    Double Oval Double Chain Earring

  • e-sv20

    Skinny Oval Earring with CZ

  • e-om00

    Open Marquise Earring

  • e-om01

    Open Marquise Chain Earring

  • e-hrns

    Hoval Ring Earring: No Stone

  • e-tr14

    5 Triangle Chain Earring

  • e-ftj7

    Elliptic Gem Earring

  • e-zdx0

    X Lg Embedded CZ Disc Earring

  • e-tl33

    Three Chain Linked Triangle Earring

  • e-tl77

    Three Mixed Triangle Chain Earring

  • e-tr20

    Double Small Triangle Earring

  • e-tl20

    Double Large Triangle Earring

  • e-tl03

    Three Large Triangle Earring

  • e-tr03

    Three Triangle Earring

  • e-tr79

    2Chain Triangle Drop Earring

  • e-tr01

    Triangle Chain Drop Earring

  • e-cmt0

    Tiniest Marquise Earring

  • e-tu40

    Solitaire Earring: Small

  • e-tr02

    Double Triangle Earring

  • e-p400

    Cluster Prl Earring

  • e-cmt5

    Five Tiny Marquise Earring

  • e-tr00

    Triangle Earring

  • e-cm22

    Double Marquise Earring

  • e-pnl0

    Large Pearl Nugget Earring

  • e-cma0

    Closed Marq Earring

  • e-cma9

    2 Closed Marq Earring

  • e-cm33

    3 Closed Marq Drop Earring

  • e-pn00

    Button Pearl Earring

  • e-cmt12

    Long Multi Tiny Marquise Earring

  • e-cma1

    Closed Marq Earring W/chain

  • e-cmt6

    Multi Tiny Marquise Earring

  • e-cma6

    Multi Marquise Dangle Earring

  • e-cma3

    3 Closed Marq Earring

  • e-co51

    Multi Coral Round Earring

  • e-co44

    Four Disc and Coral Round Earring

  • e-co30

    Cube and Coral Earring

  • e-co71

    Flat Tear and Coral Rounds Earrings

  • e-co21

    Flat Tear and Coral Briolette Earrings

  • e-co11

    Ring Earring with Coral Drop

  • e-bri9

    Baby Geo: ring Earring w/ rondell

  • e-p080

    Simple Pearl Earring: Small

  • e-cma2

    Closed Marquise Earring w/ Rondelle

  • e-p100

    Simple Pearl Earring: Large

  • e-p099

    Mixed Color Cluster Prl Earring

  • e-botp

    Tiny Pearl Earring

  • e-totp

    Tiny Coin Pearl Earring

  • e-cp33

    Cornflake Pearl with Double Dot Accents Earring

  • e-cp22

    Cornflake Pearl and Tiny Disc Earring

  • e-cp01

    Cornflake Pearl Drop Earring

  • e-cp00

    Cornflake Nugget Pearl Earring

  • e-tprl

    Teardrop Pearl Earring

  • e-votp

    Oval Pearl Earring

  • e-tg02

    Double Stone Twiggy Ring Earring

  • e-p041

    4 Pearl Drop Earring

  • e-ccm0

    Crazy Cut Earrings: Medium

  • e-ccm2

    Stacked Crazy Cut Earrings: All Metal

  • e-ccc3

    3 Crazy Cut Earrings: All Metal

  • e-cc77

    Crazy Cut Double Chain Earrings: All Metal

  • e-cc44

    4 Crazy Cut Earrings: All Metal

  • e-cc22

    Double Crazy Cut Earring: Large

  • e-cc41

    4 Crazy Cut Chain Earrings: Lapis/Metal

  • e-ccx3

    3 Crazy Cut Earrings: Lapis/Metal

  • e-ccl1

    Crazy Cut Chain Earrings: Lapis

  • e-cc01

    Crazy Cut Chain Earrings

  • e-pbr3

    Baby Geo Ring 3 Pearl Earring

  • e-dt12

    Mixed Dbl Dot Earring

  • e-dt22

    Double Dot Earring

  • e-ki66

    Dbl Wire Rectangle Earring

  • e-se19

    Ring and Shell Earring

  • e-se18

    Teardrop Charm Earring

  • e-se17

    White Round Earrings

  • e-se16

    Baby Teardrop Charm Earring

  • e-se15

    White Drop Earrings

  • e-se14

    Wire Triangle Earring

  • e-se13

    Large Drop and Tear Earring

  • e-se12

    Jumbo Shell Drop Earring

  • e-se11

    Open Triangle Earring

  • e-se90

    Ring and Drop Earring

  • e-ki13

    Kyanite Pebble and Rice Earring

  • e-ki70

    Double Teardrop Earring

  • e-ki73

    Three Kyanite Earring

  • e-ki80

    Cube Earring

  • e-ki60

    Open Rectangle Earring

  • e-ki23

    Kyanite Slice Earring

  • e-ki22

    Rectangle and Rondelle Bar Earring

  • e-ki21

    Long Drop and Rectangle Earring

  • e-si35

    Flat Round and Rondelles Earring

  • e-si30

    Three Petals Earring

  • e-si34

    Large Punched Disc and Pebble Earring

  • e-si22

    Petal and Rondelle Earring

  • e-si09

    K2 Long Drop Earrings

  • e-si33

    Three Disc and Rondelle Earrings

  • e-si11

    Small Punched Earrings

  • e-si05

    Five Blue Rondelle Earrings

  • e-si91

    Jumbo Crazy Cut with Marquise Labradorite Earring

  • e-um51

    Disc Slice and Petals Earring

  • e-um52

    Disc and Small Petal Earring

  • e-um53

    Large Oval and 3 Petal Earring

  • e-um43

    M and small M Earring

  • e-um42

    Layered M's Earring

  • e-um41

    M and Dot Earring

  • e-um33

    Large Petal and Chain Earring

  • e-um32

    Fold and Flat Ring Earring

  • e-um31

    Rejoined Oval Earring

  • e-um23

    Disc over V Earring

  • e-um22

    Slice and 3 Earring

  • e-um21

    M and 3 Earring

  • e-um13

    U and Chain Earring

  • e-um12

    Large Petal and Riveted Bar Earring

  • e-um11

    Small Ring and Chain Earring

  • e-lx51

    Double Point Lapis and Gold Earring

  • e-lx42

    Arrowhead and Lapis Earring

  • e-lxt0

    Lapis Triangle Earring

  • e-lx22

    Crazy Cut with Lapis Stick Earring

  • e-lx0c

    Lapis Crazy Cut Earring

  • e-lx13

    Chained Mixed Crazy Cut Earrings

  • e-lxcj

    Jumbo Crazy Cut Earrings

  • e-lx33

    Mixed Crazy Cut Earrings

  • e-lx30

    Lapis Cluster Earring

  • e-lx31

    Lapis Cluster Drop Earring

  • e-u605

    Large Drop and Disc Earring

  • e-u604

    Large Layered Fan Earring

  • e-u603

    Disc with Handle Earring

  • e-u602

    Layered Scoop Earring

  • e-u601

    Double Pick Earring

  • e-gbmr

    Ring and Ball Earring

  • e-gb67

    2 Ovals Earring

  • e-gb66

    2 Loop and Nugget Earrings

  • e-gb28

    2 Open Rectangles Earring

  • e-gb27

    Geometric Shapes Earring

  • e-gb25

    3 Oval Chain Earrings

  • e-gb60

    Contrasting Rings Earring

  • e-p928

    Tiny Pearl Stick and Ring Earring

  • e-p918

    Tiny Pearl and Stardust Stick Earring

  • e-p942

    Fan and Pearl Stick Earring

  • e-p914

    Tiny Pearl Stick Earring

  • e-mtpp

    Brushed Pear Earring

  • e-p92a

    Square Pearl w Square Earring

  • e-gbsq

    Square and Rectangle Earring

  • e-p92c

    Coin Pearl and Oval Loop Earring

  • e-p92t

    Teardrop Pearl and Stardust Earring

  • e-jm4c

    Hammered Marquise and Coin Pearl Earring

  • e-fm4p

    Flat Marquise and Round Pearl Earring

  • e-fm4b

    Flat Marquise and Bead Earring

  • e-ty21

    Trigon and Pearl Earring

  • e-jr1p

    Hammered Ring and Corn Pearl Earring

  • e-cg0p

    Large Egg Earring with Pearl Stick

  • e-fr4s

    Flat Ring Earring w Thin Stick

  • e-fr3c

    Flat Ring Earring w Crazy Cut

  • e-fr3x

    Flat Ring Earring w Nugget Stick

  • e-dp11

    Diamond Point and Nugget Earring

  • e-tym0

    Medium Trigon Earring

  • e-gb10

    Barrel and Ring Earring

  • e-tql1

    Large Turquoise Drop Earring

  • e-tqr1

    Simple Stick Earring

  • e-she1

    Shield and Chain Earring

  • e-u051

    Half Disc and Diamond Point Chain Earring

  • e-u102

    Layered Half Disc Chain Earring

  • e-u090

    Punched Oval with Stick Earring

  • e-ud23

    Disc with Oval Earring

  • e-ud22

    Disc with Geometric Earring

  • e-uv24

    Flat Oval with Geometric Earring

  • e-uv25

    Flat Oval with Slash Earring

  • e-uv23

    Flat Oval with Open Rectangle Earring

  • e-fr3h

    Large Layered Sliced Disc and Ring Earring

  • e-fr3d

    Large Layered Trimmed Disc and Ring Earring

  • e-fr1d

    Small Layered Trimmed Disc and Ring Earring

  • e-fr41

    Large Sliding Flat Ring Earring

  • e-d200

    Large Trimmed Disc Earring

  • e-fds3

    Sm Disc Earrings W/ 3 Cz

  • e-pcx2

    Double Pierced Pendant Earring

  • e-bl18

    Flat Marquise with Gemstone Collar Earring

  • e-bl17

    Four U Earring

  • e-bl15

    Wide V Earring

  • e-bl14

    Tear with Accent Earring

  • e-bl13

    Micropear and Stone Drop Earring

  • e-bl12

    Open Marquise with Rondelle Earring

  • e-bl11

    Micropear with Accents Earring

  • e-b002

    Tiny Blue Earrings

  • e-b090

    Platinum Pearl Nugget Earring

  • e-b080

    Platinum Pearl and Rondelle Earring

  • e-b070

    Tiny Flat Tear Earring

  • e-b050

    Chain with Rondelle Earring

  • e-b060

    Sliding V Earring

  • e-b040

    Bar Earring

  • e-b030

    Marquise and Stone Earring

  • e-b020

    Large Chalcedony Marquise Earring

  • e-b010

    Marquise and U Earring

  • e-u080

    Triangle and Disc Earring (Small)

  • e-u070

    Riveted Triangle and Disc Earring

  • e-u060

    Triangle and Circle Earring

  • e-u050

    Triangle and U Earring

  • e-pcv2

    Double Organic Oval Earring

  • e-pcv1

    Organic Oval Chain Earring

  • e-pcv0

    Organic Oval Earring

  • e-tb60

    Solitaire Ear Ring: Large

  • e-8r06

    Fall Rondelles Earring

  • e-8r05

    Small Disc and Rondelle Earring

  • e-8r04

    Small Hammered Ring and Rondelle Earring

  • e-8r03

    Punched Round and Garnet Earring

  • e-8r02

    Multi Gem Stick Earring

  • e-8r01

    Smokey Quartz Geo Shape Earring

  • e-8gu9

    Wired Tiny Nugget Earring

  • e-8gp2

    Pearl and Rondelle Earring

  • e-8g02

    Hammered Disc and Rondelle Earring

  • e-8gzu

    Bezel Small Cube Labradorite Earring

  • e-8gza

    Bezel Arrowhead Labradorite Earring

  • e-8gr3

    Beaded Circlet and Rondelle Earring

  • e-8g31

    Green Apatite and Gold Earring

  • e-8bt0

    Faceted Black Spinel Teardrop Earring

  • e-8bz0

    Black Spear Earring

  • e-8bu2

    Cube Duo Earring

  • e-8b20

    Large Black Garnet Cube Earring

  • e-8b39

    Rondelle Stick Earring

  • e-8b33

    Three Capped Rondelle Earrings

  • e-8bv3

    Medium Open Oval Earring with Dangling Rondelles

  • e-8bv2

    Large Open Oval Earring with Black Stripe

  • e-8b0t

    Large Open Triangle Earring

  • e-hq51

    Harlequins on Chain Earring

  • e-hq40

    Four Vertical Harlequin Earring

  • e-hq79

    Double Harlequin and Chain Earring

  • e-hq22

    Two Vertical Harlequin Earring

  • e-hq00

    Single Harlequin Earring

  • e-hqr1

    Harlequin and Ring Earring

  • e-hq03

    Triple Harlequin Earring

  • e-hq02

    Double Harlequin Earring

  • e-hq01

    Simple Harlequin Earring

  • e-8p42

    Large Disc Earring with Large Pearl

  • e-8p41

    Large Pearl with Disc Cap Earring

  • e-8p40

    Large Disc Earring with Pearl Accent

  • e-8p62

    Rice Earring with Pearl Accent

  • e-8p69

    Large Round Earring with Multi Tiny Pearl Accents

  • e-8p61

    Disc with Pearl Earring

  • e-8p22

    Stardust with Tiny Pearl Earring

  • e-8p21

    Circlet and Pearl Earring

  • e-8p20

    Very Small Stardust and Pearl Stacked Earring

  • e-8p76

    Large Round with Tiny Dangle Earring

  • e-8p75

    Wrapped Tiny Pearl and Rice Earring

  • e-8p74

    Rice over Pearl Earring

  • e-8p73

    Pearl and Stardust Stick Earring

  • e-8p72

    Graduated Pearl Earring

  • e-wh19

    Ring and Large White Drop Earrings

  • e-bu02

    Ring and Apatite Stick Earrings

  • e-bu29

    Bright Apatite Crazy Cut and Flat Ring Earrings

  • e-buzr

    Tiny Bezel Round Earring: Turquoise

  • e-bu19

    Rustic Blue and Ring Earring

  • e-bu30

    Rustic Blue Double Pear Earring

  • e-bu00

    Large Blue Drop Earrings

  • e-bu20

    Bright Apatite Pebble and Nugget Earring

  • e-bu33

    Bright Apatite Pebble and Nugget Earring

  • e-bu01

    Bright Apatite Pebble and Chain Earring

  • e-el41

    Four Shell on Chain Earrings

  • e-el37

    Shell Swing Earring

  • e-el03

    Three Stacked Shell Earrings

  • e-el32

    Ring and Shell Earring

  • e-wht0

    Single White Teardrop Earring

  • e-wh00

    Single White Round Earring

  • e-pw09

    Large Petrified Wood Earrings

  • e-wh09

    Large White Drop Earrings

  • e-elt0

    Teardrop Shell Earrings

  • e-lb27

    Hammered Ring and Cornflake Pearl Earring

  • e-lb24

    Hammered Disc w/Labradorites Earring

  • e-fd34

    Hammered Disc and Ring Earring

  • e-lb33

    Slice Disc and Labradorite Chain Earring

  • e-fd29

    Riveted Ring and Sliced Disc Earring

  • e-lb26

    Double Arrowhead Earring

  • e-pgd1

    Grey Diamond Pearl Chain Earring

  • e-fw21

    Flower Bud Earring with Pink Accent

  • e-pk20

    Pale Pink Pearl and Tourmaline Rondelle Earring

  • e-pk64

    Pink Quartz Bar Earring with Golden Accents

  • e-pk66

    Chain and Pink Quartz Earring

  • e-pk61

    Cornflake Pearl and Tourmaline Chain Earring

  • e-pkz0

    Bezel Teardrop Earring: Rose Quartz

  • e-bg0v

    Oval Amazonite Earring

  • e-bg04

    4 Amazonite Rondelle Earring

  • e-bg02

    Hammered Disc w/Amazonite Rondelle Earring

  • e-mszr

    Tiny Bezel Rectangle Earring: Moonstone

  • e-lbzr

    Tiny Bezel Rectangle Earring: Labradorite

  • e-bg09

    Hammered Stick and Amazonite Earring

  • e-bg07

    Hammered Ring and Amazonite Drop Earring

  • e-bg79

    Amazonite Arrowheads Chain Earring

  • e-io3w

    Iolite Wire Earring with Kyanite Accent

  • e-ky21

    Hammered Oval and Kyanite Pebble Earring

  • e-tot4

    Coin Pearl and Rondelle Earrings

  • e-totr

    Flat Ring and Coin Pearl Earring

  • e-rk9r

    Round and Rock Crystal Stick Earring

  • e-rk4k

    Oval and Vertical Rock Crystal Stick Earring

  • e-rk2k

    Oval and Faceted CZ Gemstone Earring

  • e-lbz0

    Small Bezel Set Earring: Labradorite Teardrop

  • e-lb20

    Labradorite Rondelle and Crazy Cut Earring

  • e-mbb2

    Double Barrel Earring

  • e-ts01

    Tiny Square Earring with Rondelle Accent

  • e-dgs1

    Diamond Point and Rondelle Earring

  • e-dg05

    Multi Green Rondelle Earring

  • e-dg22

    Green Apatite Pebble and Rice Earring

  • e-dg31

    3 Green Apatite Pebble and Round Earring

  • e-rk60

    Rock Crystal Stacked Petals Earring

  • e-p37p

    Pink Pearl Swing Earring

  • e-p04p

    Linked Pink Pearl Earring

  • e-p14p

    Pink Pearl Bar Earring

  • e-p31p

    Three Pink Pearl Chain Earring

  • e-bpt0

    Baby Pink Opal Triangle Earring

  • e-bp41

    Mixed Baby Pink Opals Earring

  • e-bp31

    Baby Pink Rondelle and Brio Earring

  • e-rkj1

    Jumbo Rock Crystal Nugget Chain Earring

  • e-rk03

    Triple Rock Crystal Oval Earring

  • e-rk01

    Rock Crystal Oval Earring

  • e-fp21

    Folded Point Chain Earring

  • e-rk11

    Rock Crystal Petal Chain Earring

  • e-rk63

    Stacked Rock Crystal Chain Earring

  • e-rk61

    Multi Rock Crystal Petal and Point Earring

  • e-pn50

    Multi Mixed Pearl and Micropear Chain Earrings

  • e-pn33

    Linked Micropear and Pearls Earring

  • e-pn31

    Mixed Pearl Cluster Earring

  • e-pn30

    Micropear Earring with Pearl Accents

  • e-pnv1

    Ovid and Pearl Earring

  • e-pnv2

    Ovid and Organic Pearl Drop Earring

  • e-pnv3

    Ovid and Three Pearl Earring

  • e-dts7

    Small Dot with Rondelle Earring

  • e-mmp9

    Micropear with Rondelle topper Earring

  • e-htl7

    Long Heart Earring with Briolette

  • e-fhtt

    Tiny Flat Heart Earring

  • e-s000

    Pink Chalcedony Briolette Earring

  • e-cg22

    Mixed Small and Large Egg Earring

  • e-cgl0

    Large Egg Earring

  • e-cgs0

    Small Egg Earring

  • e-cg03

    Three Simple Egg Chain Earring

  • e-cg00

    Simple Egg Earring

  • e-wvt5

    Five Tiny Wavy Earring

  • e-cj31

    Double Crazy Cut Earring with Chain: Small

  • e-cj12

    Crazy Cut Chained Earring: Small

  • e-cj30

    Three Linked Crazy Cut Earrings

  • e-cjm0

    Modern Crazy Cut Earring

  • e-cj20

    Double Crazy Cut Linked Earring

  • e-cj11

    Crazy Cut Chained Earring

  • e-cjl0

    Jumbo Crazy Cut Earring

  • e-cp19

    Cornflake Pearl Earring with Mini Pearl Dangles

  • e-cp91

    Cornflake Pearl Earring with Mini Pearl Accents

  • e-cp50

    5 Mini Pearl Earring

  • e-cp96

    4 Tiny Dots and Mini Pearl Earring

  • e-cp97

    Small Dot and Mini Pearl Chain Drop Earring

  • e-cp25

    MiniPearl and Small Dot Earring

  • e-cp44

    MiniPearl and Stardust Rondelle Earring

  • e-cp31

    Pearl and Stardust Bar Earring

  • e-lbr4

    Linked 4 Labradorite Rough Earring

  • e-lbr3

    Stacked Triple Labradorite Rough Earring

  • e-lbr2

    Labradorite Nugget Earring

  • e-lbr1

    Labradorite Rough Earring

  • e-lb38

    Oval and Rondelle Stick Earrings: Labradorite

  • e-lbv2

    Labradorite and Flat Oval Earrings

  • e-lbd0

    Labradorite Large Drop Earrings

  • e-lbt0

    Labradorite Rondelle Stick Earrings

  • e-lbj0

    Cushion Cut Labradorite Earrings

  • e-lb40

    4 Rondelle Earring

  • e-cb79

    Flat Marquise and Labradorite Double Chain Earring

  • e-cbm2

    Flat Marquise and Labradorite Earring

  • e-cb30

    2 Open Marquise and Labradorite Earrings

  • e-cb50

    Multi Mixed Marquise and Labradorite Earrings

  • e-cb04

    Labradorite And 3 Tiny Marquise Earrings

  • e-cb02

    Labradorite And Closed Marquise Earrings

  • e-cb21

    Labradorite Marquise Frame Earrings

  • e-cb00

    Labradorite Marquise Earrings

  • e-g001

    Tiny Fluorite Cube Earring

  • e-g020

    Double Tiny Linked Cube Earrings

  • e-g030

    Triple Tiny Linked Cube Earrings

  • e-g000

    Simple Round Earring

  • e-g013

    Teardrop and Double Rondelle Earring

  • e-g060

    Simple Smooth Drop Earring

  • e-g003

    3 Station Earring

  • e-g041

    Multi Drop Chain Earring

  • e-g121

    Large Chalcedony Teardrop Chain Earring

  • e-od23

    Double Organic Disc Earring: Med

  • e-tp02

    Ring and Pearl Stick Earring

  • e-tw51

    5 Hammered Wire Ladder Earring

  • e-tp00

    Biwa Pearl Earring

  • e-ct88

    Crystal, Hammered Wire & Biwa Pearl Cluster Earrings

  • e-ct77

    Crystal, Pearl and Bead Earring

  • e-tw02

    Double Hammered Wire Earring

  • e-tw05

    5 Hammered Wire Earring

  • e-tp22

    Biwa Pearl and Hammered Wire Earring

  • e-tp60

    Graduated Pearl and Hammered Wire Swing Earring

  • e-tp44

    Stacked Pearl and Bead Earrings

  • e-tp33

    3 Pearl and Bead Stick Earring

  • e-tqt4

    Large Teardrop with Turquoise Studs Earring

  • e-tqt7

    Solid Teardrop and Turquoise Chain Dangle Earring

  • e-tqt8

    Teardrop Link and Turquoise Earring

  • e-tqc8

    Ring and Chain Chip Drop Earring

  • e-tqc7

    5 Link and Chip Earring

  • e-tqc6

    2 Chain Link and Chip Earring

  • e-tqc3

    Three Turquoise Chip Drop Chain Earring

  • e-tqc4

    Turquoise Chip Swing Earring

  • e-tqc1

    Turquoise Chip and Gold Bar Earring

  • e-co81

    Gold Chain Earring with Tiny Coral Accent

  • e-co85

    Triple Coral and Gold Wired Earring

  • e-co83

    Graduated Coral and Gold Earring

  • e-co82

    Coral and Gold Stacked Earring

  • e-co80

    Simple Coral Earrings

  • e-co74

    Mixed Coral Shape Chain Earring

  • e-co75

    Multi Coral Shapes Chain Drop Earring

  • e-co20

    Puffy Coral Earring

  • e-co12

    Small Disc w/Tiny Coral Earring

  • e-co97

    Disc and Multi Round Coral Earring

  • e-co06

    Coral Rounds Swing Earring

  • e-co43

    Tiny Dot and 2 Corals Chain Earring

  • e-jrs2

    Two Small Hammered Ring Earrings

  • e-jrs3

    Three Small Hammered Ring Earrings

  • e-nuf2

    Chain and Rustic Nugget Earring

  • e-htl1

    Long Heart Chain Earring

  • e-htl0

    Long Heart Earring

  • e-hrt2

    2 Tiny Heart in a Square Charm Earring

  • e-hrt5

    Tiny Heart in a Square Charm Earring w/Pearls

  • e-hrt0

    Tiny Heart in a Square Charm Earring

  • e-jr21

    Big Little Hammered Ring Earrings

  • e-jr33

    Graduated Hammered Ring Earring

  • e-he05

    Five Tiny Herkimer Diamond Earring

  • e-he21

    Herkimer Diamond Chain Earring

  • e-pyr8

    Pyrite Swing Earring

  • e-py44

    Hammered Ring and Pyrite Nuggets Earrings

  • e-py29

    Double Hammered Ring and Stacked Pyrite Earring

  • e-ms20

    Moonstone and Pyrite Earring

  • e-ms03

    Three Linked Moonstone Earring

  • e-ms04

    Stacked Moonstone Earring

  • e-ms31

    Moonstone Chain Earring with Gold Crazy Cut Accent

  • e-dp13

    Mixed Diamond Point Earring

  • e-dh12

    Big/Little Diamond Point & Herkimer Earring

  • e-dh22

    Layered Diamond Point & Herkimer Earring

  • e-dpl1

    Large Diamond Point Chain Earrings

  • e-dh79

    Diamond Point and Herkimer Diamond Chain Earrings

  • e-dp12

    Large and Small Diamond Point Earring

  • e-dpl0

    Large Diamond Point Earring

  • e-dh14

    Diamond Point and Herkimer Chain Earrings

  • e-dps4

    Four Small Diamond Point Earrings

  • e-dp02

    Double Diamond Point Earrings

  • e-dp22

    Mixed Diamond Point Earrings

  • e-dh03

    Small Diamond Point and Herkimer Earring

  • e-dpm1

    Medium Diamond Point with CZ Earring

  • e-dps0

    Small Diamond Point Earring

  • e-dpm0

    Medium Diamond Point Earring

  • e-dp03

    Triple Diamond Point Earrings

  • e-he07

    Herkimer Diamond Swing Earring

  • e-pv24

    Ovid and Rondelle Earrings

  • e-bz01

    Pendant Chain and Mystic Topaz Earrings

  • e-bz03

    Simple Rondelle Earring

  • n-pv18

    Pointed Ovid and Rondelle Necklace

  • e-pv22

    Pointed Ovid and Briolette Earring

  • e-pv18

    Pointed Ovid and Rondelle Earring

  • e-he22

    Large Marquise and Herkimer Diamond Earring

  • e-he04

    Flat Ring and Herkimer Diamond Earring

  • e-he03

    Triple Herkimer Diamond Earring

  • e-he02

    Marquise and Herkimer Diamond Earring

  • e-he00

    Tiny Herkimer Diamond Earring

  • e-bzm2

    Moroccan Frame and Sunstone Earring

  • e-bz14

    Multiple Rondelle Chain Earring

  • e-bz13

    Briolette and Rondelle Chain Earring

  • e-bz08

    Stacked Fall Rondelle Earring

  • e-bz04

    Rondelle and Tiny Oval Earring

  • e-py4f

    Four Geometric Pyrite Earring

  • e-pyb7

    Wide Pyrite Briolette Earring

  • e-nuf8

    Chain and Rustic Nugget Swing Earring

  • e-nuf7

    Double Chain and Rustic Nugget Earring

  • e-co61

    Stacked Coral and Metal Earring

  • e-co28

    Flat Marquise and Coral Brio Earring

  • e-tqt31

    Three Tiny Turquoise Chain Earring

  • e-tqt11

    Tiny Turquoise Chain Earring

  • e-tqz9

    Multi Turquoise Bead and Large Ring Earring

  • e-tqz8

    Multi Turquoise Bead and Small Ring Earring

  • e-tqz7

    Multi Turquoise Bead and Disc Earring

  • e-tqz6

    Turquoise Bead and Disc Earring

  • e-tqz4

    Turquoise Bead Disc and Chain Earring

  • e-to22

    Open Triangle with small Triangle Earring

  • e-to12

    Open Triangle with Large Triangle Earring

  • e-tol1

    Open Triangle and Chain Earring

  • e-fcx9

    Open Loop Earring

  • e-cc79

    Crazy Cut Double Chain Earrings: Lapis & Metal

  • e-ccl0

    Crazy Cut Earrings: Lapis

  • e-ccj0

    Crazy Cut Jumbo Earrings

  • e-cc00

    Crazy Cut Earrings

  • e-ts3h

    3 Stick Ladder Earring

  • e-lb02

    Ring and Labradorite Stick Earrings

  • e-lb00

    Simple Silimanite Bar Earrings

  • e-lb01

    Pendant Chain and Labradorite Earrings

  • e-ciw2

    Two Circlet Earring: Woven

  • e-sd40

    Four Sliced Disc Earring

  • e-cib0

    Circlet Earring: Beaded

  • e-cit0

    Circlet Earring: Twist

  • e-ciw0

    Circlet Earring: Woven

  • e-kn00

    Kyanite Slice Earring

  • e-kn01

    Kyanite Slice Chain Drop Earring

  • e-kn22

    Kyanite Slice and Oval Earring

  • e-kn31

    Three Kyanite Slice Swing Earring

  • e-kn33

    Kyanite Slice and Silver Earring

  • e-kn79

    Double Kyanite Teardrop and Silver Earring

  • e-knbb

    Large Kyanite Teardrop Earring

  • e-kh01

    Herkimer Diamond with Faceted Nugget Earrings

  • e-la79

    Double Square Lapis Chain Drop Earring

  • e-laq0

    Square Lapis Earring

  • e-laq1

    Square Lapis Chain Drop Earring

  • e-laq3

    Lapis and Square Earring

  • e-tqr9

    Cluster Earrings: Turquoise & Gold

  • e-tqr7

    Loop Earrings: Turquoise & Gold

  • e-tqr6

    Swing Earrings: Turquoise & Gold Stick

  • e-tqf8

    Turquoise & Gold Stick Earring

  • e-tqf7

    Swing Earring: Turquoise & Gold

  • e-tqf5

    Faceted Turquoise and Golden Rondelles Earring

  • e-tqf3

    Triple Faceted Rondelle Earring

  • e-tqd8

    Flat Rondelle Stacked with Gold Accents Earring

  • e-tqd3

    Flat Rondelle Chain Drop Earring

  • e-tq2v

    Brushed Metal Oval with Turquoise Pebble Earring

  • e-tq2r

    Small Ring Earring with Turquoise Accent

  • e-tq2o

    Flat Oval with Turquoise Pebble Earring

  • e-tq2m

    Flat Marquise with Smooth Turquoise Brio Earring

  • e-tq02

    Hammered Ring and Turquoise Stick Earring

  • e-tg22

    2 Twiggy Earring

  • e-tgs4

    Concentric Rings Twiggy Earring

  • e-dt10

    Tiny Dot Earring w/Rondelle

  • e-sdl7

    Chained Sliced Disc Earring: Large

  • e-sdm7

    Chained Sliced Disc Earring: Medium

  • e-sds7

    Chained Sliced Disc Earring: Small

  • e-sdl8

    Riveted Sliced Disc Earring: Large

  • e-sds8

    Riveted Sliced Disc Earring: Small

  • e-cdl0

    Textured Hammered Disc Earring: Large

  • e-cdm0

    Textured Hammered Disc Earring: Medium

  • e-vbl1

    Large Rice Bead Earring on Chain

  • e-vb79

    Double Chain Rice Bead Earrings

  • e-vbs3

    3 Small Rice Bead Earrings on Chain

  • e-vbx8

    8 Mixed Rice Bead Chain Earrings

  • e-vb14

    4 Small Rice Bead Chain Earrings

  • e-vbx3

    3 Mixed Rice Bead Earrings

  • e-rbs4

    4 Linked Small Rice Bead Earrings

  • e-rbm3

    3 Linked Med Rice Bead Earrings

  • e-rbl2

    2 Large Linked Rice Bead Earrings

  • e-rbx3

    3 Mixed Stacked Rice Bead Earrings

  • e-rbl0

    Rice Bead Earring: Large

  • e-rbs0

    Rice Bead Earring: Small

  • e-hpl0

    Punched Heart Earring: Large

  • e-hce0

    Keyhole Heart Earring

  • e-hck0

    Key Earring

  • e-rqn1

    Rutilated Qz Chain Earring w/Stardust

  • e-rq40

    Rutilated Quartz and Oval Earring: Double

  • e-rq10

    Cushion Rutilated Quartz Earring

  • e-rqq3

    3 Rutilated Quartz Cube Earring

  • e-rqq2

    Double Rutilated Quartz Cube Earring

  • e-rqq0

    Rutilated Quartz Cube Earring

  • e-lat8

    MiniLapis Oval Earring w/Stardust

  • n-lat5

    MiniLapis and Chain Necklace

  • e-rr03

    Triple Stardust Round Earring

  • e-rx05

    Mixed Stardust Round Earring

  • e-rr00

    Stardust Round Earring

  • e-fd02

    Frosted Disc Earring #2

  • e-p004

    Four Tiny Pearls Earring

  • e-hxms

    Textured Medium Heart Earrings: Striped

  • e-hxls

    Textured Large Heart Earrings: Striped

  • e-hxlh

    Textured Large Heart Earrings: Hammered

  • e-hxlb

    Textured Large Heart Earrings: Satin

  • e-laj0

    Jumbo Lapis Earring

  • e-laj2

    Dbl Jumbo Lapis Earring

  • e-wik2

    Dbl Wire Spike Earring

  • e-fv45

    Double Flat Oval Earring

  • e-fv31

    Double Oval Earring

  • e-fv17

    Large Inside Chain Oval Earring

  • e-fv15

    Large Chain Drop Oval Earring

  • e-wit0

    Wire Triangle Earring

  • e-wiu0

    Wire Horseshoe Earring

  • e-wiv0

    Wire Chevron Earring

  • e-wir0

    Wire Rectangle Earring

  • e-wik0

    Wire Spike Earring

  • e-jm10

    Hammered Marquise with Faceted Brio Earring

  • e-fv10

    Flat Oval with Faceted Gem Earring

  • e-jr10

    Hammered Ring with Faceted Brio Earring

  • e-fm10

    Flat Marquise with Faceted Brio Earring

  • e-pv10

    Pointed Ovoid with Faceted Gem Earring

  • e-lal0

    Long Lapis Briolette Earring

  • e-la13

    3 Lapis Chain Drop Earring

  • e-la08

    Stacked Lapis Earring

  • e-jm31

    Just Marquise with Gemstone Earring

  • e-lam1

    Lapis Rondelle w/Stardust Accent Earring

  • e-p917

    Pearl Cluster and Chain Earring

  • e-p990

    Multi Pearl and Chain Earring

  • e-p906

    Nugget Pearl and Chain Earring

  • p-tr00

    Triangle Post Earring

  • e-fx01

    Single Faceted Nugget Chain Earring

  • e-fx13

    3 Faceted Nugget Chain Earring

  • e-fx11

    Faceted Nugget Earring

  • e-hd3l

    Hammered Open LgDisc Earring w/Rings

  • e-hd1m

    Hammered Open MedDisc Earring w/Nugget

  • e-hdss

    Hammered Open Disc Earring: Small

  • e-hdl0

    Hammered Disc Earring: Large

  • e-hdm0

    Hammered Disc Earring: Medium

  • e-hds0

    Hammered Disc Earring: Small

  • e-hvs2

    Hammered Skinny Oval Earring

  • e-hvm0

    Hammered Medium Oval Earring

  • e-hvs0

    Hammered Skinny Oval Earring

  • e-hl01

    Hammered Leaf Chain Earring

  • e-hl00

    Hammered Leaf Earring

  • e-mm13

    Three MIni Cube Chain Earring

  • e-mm20

    Two Stacked Cube Earring

  • e-mm06

    Six Minicube Earring

  • e-mm60

    Six Stacked Cube Earrings

  • e-mm31

    Three Cube Chain Earring

  • e-ttt0

    Thin Textured Stick Earring: tiny #0

  • e-pyg1

    Faceted Chunky Pyrite Nugget Drop Earrings

  • e-jr37

    Just Rings Earring with Large Chain

  • e-cz09

    Synthetic CZ Teardrop Earring

  • e-pv11

    Sm Pointed Ovoid Drop Earring

  • e-tghr

    Lg Twiggy Ring with Heart Earrings

  • e-bbhs

    Small Beaded Heart Earrings

  • e-bbhl

    Large Beaded Heart Earrings

  • e-brt4

    Dbl Brushed Ring Drop Earring

  • e-brt1

    Linked Brushed Ring Drop Earring

  • e-brt2

    2 Linked Brushed Ring Earring

  • e-brt3

    3 Linked Brushed Ring Earring

  • e-pv31

    Lg Layered Pointed Ovoid Earring

  • e-pv21

    Md Layered Pointed Ovoid Earring

  • e-pv03

    Lg Pointed Ovoid Earring

  • e-pv02

    Md Pointed Ovoid Earring

  • e-pv01

    Sm Pointed Ovoid Earring

  • e-ss19

    Gem Cluster Drop Earring

  • e-ss40

    Gem Cluster Earring

  • e-fv44

    Double Flat Oval Earring

  • e-fv71

    Double Flat Oval Drop Earring

  • e-fv92

    Mixed Flat Oval Earring

  • e-pd00

    Pendulum Earring

  • e-fdm3

    Md Flat Disc w/ 3 CZ Earring

  • e-wvm1

    Md Wavy w/ CZ Earring

  • e-zdl3

    Triple Embedded CZ Disc Earring

  • e-fhmz

    Flat Md Heart Earring with CZ

  • e-iltr

    Icon Locket: Tiny Round Earring

  • e-mft0

    Brushed Tear Earring

  • e-dts0

    Small Dot Earring

  • e-cv91

    Tassel Chain Earring

  • e-cv05

    Tassel Earring

  • e-hr22

    Concentric Hammered Rings Earrings

  • e-hrs2

    Dbl Sm Hammered Ring Earrings

  • e-hrs1

    Sm Hammered Ring Drop Earrings

  • e-hr03

    Triple Hammered Ring Earrings

  • e-hrl1

    Lg Hammered Ring Drop Earrings

  • e-hr12

    Dbl Hammered Rings Earrings

  • e-hrl0

    Lg Hammered Ring Earrings

  • e-hrm0

    Med Hammered Ring Earrings

  • e-hrs0

    Sm Hammered Ring Earrings

  • e-cz00

    Simple CZ Earring

  • e-wd05

    Wavy Disc Cluster Earrings

  • e-wd03

    Triple Wavy Disc Earrings

  • e-ld00

    Lg Wavy Disc Earrings

  • e-cv0s

    Sm Oval Earrings

  • e-fv24

    Double Flat Oval Earrings (LG)

  • e-fv13

    Double Flat Oval Earrings (SM)

  • e-mfs0

    Med Flat Square Earring

  • e-fss1

    Small Star Drop Earring

  • e-fts3

    Small Flat Tear Earring w/gems

  • e-hmt4

    Tiny Half Moon Chain Earring

  • e-cm02

    Mixed Marquise and Chain Earring

  • e-pym7

    Stacked Pyrite Nugget Earring

  • e-jotp

    Coin Pearl Earring

  • e-dt08

    Long TinyDot Earring

  • e-fds1

    Sm Disc Earrings W/ Cz

  • e-nul0

    Lg Nugget Earring

  • e-num0

    Medium Nugget Earring

  • e-pyt1

    Tiny Pyrite Chain Drop Earring

  • e-pyt0

    Tiny Pyrite Earring

  • e-ft03

    Flat Teardrop Earring: #3

  • e-peas

    Small Peace Earring

  • e-ovm0

    Medium Oval Earring

  • e-fcm1

    Flat Crescent Moon Earring w/Set CZ

  • e-pcs0

    Teardrop Charm Earring

  • e-pcr0

    Round Charm Earring

  • e-pcl0

    Long Drop Earring

  • e-pce0

    Rectangle Earring

  • e-pcc0

    Plated Charm Earring: Carrot

  • e-pcb0

    Plated Charm Earring: Babydrop

  • e-wvt2

    Double Tiny Wavy Earring

  • e-wvt0

    Tiny Wavy Earring

  • e-wv22

    Mixed Nested Wavy Earring

  • e-mvl0

    Medium Oval Earring: No stone

  • e-tgsp

    Twiggy Earring: Small Pear

  • e-tgsm

    Twiggy Earring: Small Marquise

  • e-tg2l

    Double Linked Twiggy Earring

  • e-tg1p

    Twiggy Earring: Small Pear w/gemstone

  • e-tg1k

    Small Twiggy Earring: Marquise

  • e-tg0t

    Twiggy Earring: Large Tear

  • e-tg0r

    Large Twiggy Ring Earring Round/no Stone

  • e-tg0m

    Twiggy Earring: Large Marquise

  • e-mix32

    Stacked Mixed Oval Earring

  • e-mbb0

    Baby Barrel Earring

  • e-pyt5

    3 Tiny Pyrite Drop Earring

  • e-pyt4

    4 Tiny Pyrite And Chain Earring

  • e-pym0

    Pyrite Nugget Earring

  • e-pcu0

    Cube Charm Earring

  • e-fm29

    #2 Marquise Earring With 9 Chains

  • e-dt20

    Long Chain Tiny Dot Earring

  • e-crm3

    Chain Ring Marquise Earring

  • e-cl55

    Multi Strand Oxidized Chain Earring

  • e-p410

    Drop Multi Pearl Cluster Earring

  • e-tts2

    Double Thin Stick Earring

  • e-tts0

    Thin Textured Stick Earring: #1

  • e-md01

    Medium Disc Earring

  • e-tgsv

    Twiggy Earring: Small Oval

  • e-tgsr

    Small Twiggy Ring Earring

  • e-tg1v

    Small Twiggy Earring: Oval

  • e-tg2x

    Linked Mixed Twiggy Earring

  • e-ho1r

    Heavy Double Round Earring

  • e-hons

    Brushed Heavy Oval Earrings

  • e-ge04

    Lg Circle Over Small Circle Earring

  • e-py41

    Faceted Briolette Pyrite Chain Drop Earring

  • e-py30

    Pyrite Round Teardrop Earring

  • e-dt32

    Three Graduated Dot Earring

  • e-tts3

    Thin Texture Stick Earring: Medium

  • e-tg1s

    Small Twiggy Ring Earring

  • e-tg1m

    Twiggy Earring: Marquise

  • e-tg1t

    Twiggy Ring Teardrop Earring

  • e-tg1o

    Twiggy Ring Oval Earring

  • e-tg1r

    Round Twiggy Earring

  • e-nut0

    Tiny Nugget Earring

  • e-tgs2

    Two Sm Twiggy Ring Earrings

  • e-mr81

    8mm Round Drop Earring

  • e-mmr8

    8mm Brushed Round Earring

  • e-mmp1

    Micropear Drop Earring

  • e-wv00

    Med Wavy Earring

  • e-ovs0

    Small Oval Earring

  • e-ovs2

    Double Small Oval Earring

  • e-sh00

    Simply Hearts Earring: Small

  • e-sh01

    Simply Hearts Earring: Small w/CZ

  • e-ro31

    3 Rondelle and Chain Earring

  • e-ro99

    Multi Rondelle Earrings

  • e-ro08

    Rondelle and Cube Pendant Earrings

  • e-tr10

    Triangle Earring w/Rondelle

  • e-tsq1

    Tiny Square Earring w/Rondelle

  • e-jr01

    Just Rings Earring: #1

  • e-jr02

    Just Rings Earring: #2

  • e-fhs1

    Flat Small Heart Earring w/ Rondelle

  • e-jr03

    Just Rings Earring: #3

  • e-jr04

    Just Rings Earring: #4

  • e-jr05

    Just Rings Earring: #5

  • e-jr12

    Just Rings Earring: #12

  • e-jr24

    Just Rings Earring: #24 (MD)

  • e-jr23

    Just Rings Earring: #23 (LG)

  • e-jr34

    Just Rings Earring: #34 (LG)

  • e-bri0

    Baby Geo Earring: Ring

  • e-mmp2

    Dbl Micropear Earring

  • e-bri2

    Double Ring Earring

  • e-dt13

    3 Mixed Dot Earring

  • e-mmp0

    Micropear Earring

  • e-ge11

    Ring W/Chain Earring

  • e-bri3

    Triple Ring Earring

  • e-dt02

    Double Tiny Dot Earring

  • e-dt00

    Tiny Dot Earring

  • e-zds0

    Sm Embedded CZ Disc Earring

  • e-dt29f

    Mixed Dot Earring

  • e-dt99

    Mixed Multi Dot Earring

  • e-ge20

    Geometrics Earring #2

  • e-bd01

    Baby Disc Earring

  • e-odt0

    Disc Earring: Tiny

  • e-ods0

    Disc Earring: Small

  • e-od00

    Disc Earring: Med

  • e-odm1

    Disc Earring: Lg

  • e-ods1

    Disc Drop Earring

  • e-sl0r

    Small Round Locket Earring

  • e-sl0v

    Tiny Oval Locket Earring

  • e-sl0o

    Small Oval Locket Earring

  • e-sl0p

    Small Pear Locket Earring

  • e-msh0

    Small Heart Earring

  • e-msh2

    Small Heart Earring

  • e-dt33

    Three Dot Chain Earring

  • e-csr2

    Small Round Ring Earring w/Rondelle

  • e-jm24

    Just Marquise Earring: #24

  • e-crr0

    Rectangle Ring Earring

  • e-jo-set5

    Just Ovals Earrings: Set Of 5

  • e-tts6

    Thin Textured Stick Earring Lg

  • e-od22

    Double Disc Earring: Small

  • e-bod0

    Baby Geo Earring: Disc

  • n-od23

    Double Disc Necklace: Med

  • e-jo01

    Just Ovals Earring

  • e-od24

    Double Disc Earring: Lg

  • e-jo02

    Just Ovals Earring: #2

  • e-jo03

    Just Ovals Earring: #3

  • e-jo04

    Just Ovals Earring: #4

  • e-jo05

    Just Ovals Earring

  • e-jo24

    Just Oval Earring: #2 And #4

  • e-jo35

    Just Ovals Earring: #35

  • e-mmc1

    Microcube Drop Earring

  • e-dt51

    Tiny Dot Chain Earring

  • e-tdb2

    Double Tiny Disc Earring: Brushed

  • e-dt41

    4 Tiny Dot Earring

  • e-tdm2

    Double Tiny Disc Earring: Mixed

  • p-fct0

    Flat Crescent Tiny Post Earring

  • e-dt01

    Small Dot Drop Earring

  • e-fct0

    Flat Crescent Tiny Earring

  • e-mcc0

    Microcoin Earring

  • e-dt11

    Chain Drop Mixed Dot Earring

  • e-fc1s

    Sm Crescent Moon Earring with CZ

  • n-fcs0

    Sm Crescent Moon Necklace

  • e-fcs0

    Sm Crescent Moon Earring

  • e-fcm0

    Med Flat Crescent Moon Earring

  • e-tdh2

    Double Tiny Disc Earring: Hmrd

  • e-mcc2

    Double MicroCoin Earring

  • e-dt52

    Tiny Dot Chain Earring

  • e-cmt3

    Three Tiny Marquise Earring

  • e-ho1o

    Heavy Oval Earring: Oval

  • e-ge01

    Gold Square W/Silver Ring Earring

  • e-bma0

    Baby Geo Earring: Marquise

  • e-hd31

    Big/Little Hammered Disc Earring

  • e-hd01

    Small Hammered Disc Earring

  • e-bma2

    Double Marquise Earring

  • e-hd02

    Hammered Disc Earring

  • e-hd03

    Hammered Disc Earring: #3

  • e-hd04

    Hammered Disc Earring: #4

  • e-bma3

    Triple Marquise Earring

  • e-bomp

    Tiny Pearl W/Marquise Earring

  • e-dt04

    4 Tiny Dot Earring

  • e-ge21

    Riveted Square/Ring Geometric Earring

  • e-fdl1

    Flat Disc Earring w/Tiny CZ: Large

  • e-tg0v

    Twiggy Earring: Large Oval

  • e-bte0

    Baby Geo: Tear Earring

  • e-dt07

    Long 7-Dot Earrings

  • e-tqt2

    Turquoise Tear and Hammered Disc Earring

  • e-tqt0

    Turquoise Tear Earring

  • e-mmr5

    5mm Round Earring

  • e-fdl0

    Flat Disc Earring: Large

  • e-bot0

    Baby Geo Earring: Oval

  • e-mbt0

    Baby Tear Earring

  • e-bot2

    Baby Geo Oval Earring w/rondelle

  • e-pyt9

    Multi Tiny Pyrite Chain Earring

  • e-pyt7

    2 Chain Tiny Pyrite Earrings

  • e-mbp0

    Baby Pear Earring

  • e-tqz51

    Turquoise Stick and Chain Earring

  • e-tqt5

    Turquoise Stick Earring

  • e-tqt3

    Triple Turquoise Cluster Earring

  • e-pyt3

    Triple Pyrite Cluster Earring

  • e-tot0

    Tiny Oval Earring

  • e-mbn0

    Baby Nugget Earring

  • e-pn03

    Three Pearl Nugget Earrings

  • e-bd00

    Baby Disc Earring: No Stone

  • e-fm-set5

    Flat Marquise Earring: Set5

  • e-mbs0

    Baby Square Earring

  • e-fm01

    Flat Marquise Earring: #1

  • e-fm02

    Flat Marquise Earring: #2

  • e-fm03

    Flat Marquise Earring: #3

  • e-fm04

    Flat Marquise Earring: #4

  • e-fm05

    Flat Marquise Earring: #5

  • e-fm23

    Double Flat Marquise Earring: Small

  • e-fm24

    Double Marquise Earring: #24

  • e-fm25

    Double Marquise Earring: #25

  • e-ss07

    Simply Stone Rondelle Cluster Earrings

  • e-ss05

    Simply Stone Briolette + Rondelle Cluster Earrings

  • e-fm22

    Flat Marquise Chain Double Earring

  • e-bts0

    Baby Geo Earring: Tiny Square

  • e-bsr0

    Baby Square Earring: No Stone

  • e-mbc0

    Baby Coin Earring

  • e-hm22

    Layered Half Moon Earring

  • e-bts2

    Double Tiny Square Earring

  • e-hmt0

    Tiny Half Moon Earring

  • e-bts3

    Triple Tiny Square Earring

  • e-hml0

    Large Half Moon Earring

  • e-mba0

    Baby Almond Earring

  • e-dt79

    2Chain Tiny Dot Earring

  • e-mtt0

    Tiny Tear Earring

  • e-mtc1

    Tiny Coin Chain Drop Earrings

  • e-mmb0

    Med Barrel Earring

  • e-mtc0

    Tiny Coin Earrings

  • e-t2tp

    Tiny Pearl And Baby Coin Earring

  • e-ge12

    Square W/Chain Earring

  • e-mtp0

    Tiny Pear Earring

  • e-jm-set5

    Just Marquise Earring: set of 5

  • e-msc0

    Small Cube Earring

  • e-sp03

    Triple Linked "O's" Earring

  • e-jm01

    Just Marquise Earring: #1

  • e-jm02

    Just Marquise Earring: #2

  • e-ld01

    Large Disc Earring

  • e-sps0

    Tiny "O" Earring

  • e-spm0

    Medium "O" Earring

  • e-spl0

    Large "O" Earring

  • e-jm03

    Just Marquise Earring: #3

  • e-sp02

    Double Drop "O" Earring

  • e-jm04

    Just Marquise Earring: #4

  • e-mmo0

    Medium Oval Bead Earring

  • e-jm05

    Just Marquise Earring: #5

  • e-hrm2

    Hammered Marquise And Disc Earring

  • e-fh63

    Flat Heart Earring: #63

  • e-sps1

    Tiny "O" Drop Earring

  • e-mcl0

    Clover Earring

  • e-jm25

    Just Marquise Earring: #25

  • e-spl1

    Lg "O" Drop Earring

  • e-cl00

    Flat Clover Earring

  • e-spm1

    Med "O" Drop Earring

  • e-mmr6

    6mm Round Earring

  • p-fss0

    Small Star Post Earring

  • e-fss0

    Sm Star Earring

  • e-mtio

    Loi Earring

  • e-pc29

    Large Dotty Disc Earrings

  • e-ho1h

    Heavy Oval Heart Earrings

  • e-bos0

    Baby Geo: Square Earring

  • e-ibd0

    Itty Bitty Daisy Earrings

  • e-fv05

    Flat Oval Earrings #5

  • e-fv04

    Flat Oval Earrings #4

  • e-fv03

    Flat Oval Earrings #3

  • e-fv02

    Flat Oval Earrings #2

  • e-fv01

    Flat Oval Earrings #1

  • e-ov22

    Stacked Double Oval Earrings

  • e-ov12

    Big over Little Oval Earrings

  • e-xhrs

    Stitched Heart Earring

  • e-xhrt

    Stitched Heart Earring

  • e-ts1s

    Riveted Tiny Square Earring: Star

  • e-fh42

    Double Riveted Tiny Heart Earring

  • e-rd0h

    Riveted Disc Earring: Heart

  • e-ts1h

    Riveted Tiny Square Earring: Heart

  • e-rd2h

    Riveted Medium Disc Earring: Heart

  • e-mrq2

    Open Marquise Earring w/Gem

  • e-tghs

    Twiggy Earring: SRound/Heart

  • e-tghp

    Twiggy Earring: Pear/Heart

  • e-tghh

    Twiggy Earring: Heart/heart

  • e-tgh2

    Twgy Ring Earring: 2 Hearts

  • e-tqz2

    Baby Flat Disc Earring with Turquoise

  • e-bfd2

    Baby Flat Disc Earring

  • e-cos2

    Closed Rect Earring

  • e-cts2

    Open Rectangle Earring

  • e-hvm2

    Hammered Double Oval Earring: Medium

  • e-hv22

    Hammered Oval Layered Earring

  • e-hvs1

    Hammered Skinny Oval Chain Drop Earring

  • e-nx12

    Double Organic Disc Earring: Big/Little

  • e-cp12

    Organic Disc & Cornflake Pearl Earring: big/little

  • e-cp02

    Organic Disc & Cornflake Pearl Earring

  • e-cp79

    Organic Disc Chain Earring: Small

  • e-nxs1

    Organic Disc Chain Earring: Small

  • e-nxs0

    Organic Disc Earring: Small

  • e-fr01

    Flat Ring Earring: #1

  • e-fr02

    Flat Ring Earring: #2

  • e-fr03

    Flat Ring Earring: #3

  • e-fr04

    Flat Ring Earring: #4

  • e-fr05

    Flat Ring Earring: #5

  • e-fr-set5

    Flat Ring Earring: Set5

  • e-fr24

    Double Flat Ring Earring[MD]: #24

  • e-fr23

    Double Flat Ring Earring [SM]: #23

  • e-fr25

    Double Flat Ring Earring [LG]: #25

  • e-fr21

    Chain Drop Flat Ring Earring

  • e-fr99

    Multi-Ring Earring

  • e-fr92

    Double Ring Drop Earring

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