• n-mbh3
    Triple Threaded Baby Heart Necklace

    Triple Threaded Baby Heart Necklace

  • n-mbh5
    Linked Baby Heart Necklace

    Linked Baby Heart Necklace

  • n-mbh0
    Baby Heart Necklace

    Baby Heart Necklace

  • n-mth5
    Linked Small Heart Necklace

    Linked Small Heart Necklace

  • n-fhmz
    Flat Heart and Gem Charm Necklace

    Flat Heart and Gem Charm Necklace

  • n-fh2s
    2 Mixed Flat Heart Charm Necklace

    2 Mixed Flat Heart Charm Necklace

  • n-fhmm
    Medium Heart Charm Necklace

    Medium Heart Charm Necklace

  • n-fhtt
    Tiny Flat Heart Charm Necklace

    Tiny Flat Heart Charm Necklace

  • n-fh0s
    Threaded Sm Flat Heart Necklace

    Threaded Sm Flat Heart Necklace

  • e-fhs0
    Flat Small Heart Earring

    Flat Small Heart Earring

  • p-fhs0
    Small Flat Heart Post Earring

    Small Flat Heart Post Earring

  • e-fhm0
    Flat Medium Heart Earring

    Flat Medium Heart Earring

  • n-fhm0
    Flat Medium Heart Necklace

    Flat Medium Heart Necklace

  • n-hls2
    Tiny Heart Locket Necklace with Baby Pearl

    Tiny Heart Locket Necklace with Baby Pearl

  • n-hls0
    Tiny Heart Locket Necklace

    Tiny Heart Locket Necklace

  • n-hls1

    Engraved Tiny Heart Locket Necklace: Monogram

  • n-sljh

    Jumbo Etched Heart Locket Necklace

  • n-sl0h

    Heart Floral Locket Necklace

  • c-rim0-heart

    Mini Riveted Heart Charm

  • n-rim0-heart

    Mini Disc Necklace: Heart

  • n-fh1t

    Tiny Flat Heart Charm Necklace with Pearl

  • e-rim0

    Mini Disc Earring: icon

  • e-fhmm

    Mirrored Hearts Earring

  • e-fht2

    Two Tiny Flat Heart Earring

  • n-mth0

    Tiny Heart Necklace

  • e-fht4

    Four Tiny Flat Heart Earring

  • e-fht3

    Three Tiny Flat Heart Earring

  • n-fh2m

    2 Mixed Flat Heart Charm Necklace

  • n-rh21

    Md Ring & Riveted Heart Necklace

  • b-fhs5

    5 Linked Sm Flat Heart Bracelet

  • n-fhs5

    5 Linked Sm Flat Heart Necklace

  • n-fhx5

    5 Mixed Linked Heart Necklace

  • n-fht9

    9 Tiny Flat Heart Necklace

  • b-sw5s

    5 Tiny Linked Sweetheart Bracelet

  • n-sws4

    4 Tiny Engraved Sweethearts Necklace

  • n-sws3

    3 Tiny Engraved Sweethearts Necklace

  • n-sws1

    Tiny Engraved Sweetheart Necklace

  • n-sws0

    Tiny Sweetheart Necklace

  • b-ngsw1

    Tiny Sweetheart Bracelet

  • n-elh3

    Three Heart Shell Necklace

  • n-elh0

    Heart Shell Necklace

  • n-hpk0

    Punched Heart with Tiny Key Necklace

  • e-htl7

    Long Heart Earring with Briolette

  • e-fhtt

    Tiny Flat Heart Earring

  • n-htl7

    Long Heart and Briolette Necklace

  • n-fhtb

    Tiny Flat Heart and Briolette Necklace

  • n-fhtr

    Tiny Flat Heart and Rondelle Necklace

  • n-htl2

    Pink and Long Heart Necklace

  • n-hrt5

    Square Heart Charm and Pearls Necklace

  • n-htl4

    Ring, Heart, Pearl and Pink Necklace

  • n-hrtp

    Pink Pearl and Square Heart Charm

  • e-htl1

    Long Heart Chain Earring

  • e-htl0

    Long Heart Earring

  • e-hrt2

    2 Tiny Heart in a Square Charm Earring

  • e-hrt5

    Tiny Heart in a Square Charm Earring w/Pearls

  • e-hrt0

    Tiny Heart in a Square Charm Earring

  • c-hc00

    Conversation Hearts Charm only

  • n-hc00

    Conversation Hearts Necklace

  • n-hlm1

    Engraved Medium Heart Locket Necklace: Tattoo

  • n-hcu0

    Sugar Skull Necklace

  • n-hrt0

    Tiny Heart in a Square Charm Necklace

  • n-hpm2

    Double Punched Heart Necklace

  • n-hpl0

    Punched Heart Necklace: Large

  • e-hpl0

    Punched Heart Earring: Large

  • n-hce1

    Keyhole Heart Necklace

  • n-mbh2

    Two Threaded Baby Heart Necklace

  • n-hcv1

    Dove and Heart Necklace

  • n-hcw1

    Wing and Heart Necklace

  • n-hca1

    Arrow and Heart Necklace

  • n-hck1

    Key and Heart Necklace

  • n-hcc1

    Cross and Heart Necklace

  • n-hch1

    Heart and CZ Necklace

  • n-ht0k

    Engraved Heart Tattoo Necklace: Sugar Skull

  • n-ht0b

    Engraved Heart Tattoo Necklace: Burst

  • n-ht0n

    Engraved Heart Tattoo Necklace: Banner

  • n-ht0p

    Engraved Heart Tattoo Necklace: Pistol

  • n-ht0d

    Engraved Heart Tattoo Necklace: Dagger

  • b-ht0n

    Engraved Heart Tattoo Bracelet: Dbl Banner

  • e-hxls

    Textured Large Heart Earrings: Striped

  • e-hxlh

    Textured Large Heart Earrings: Hammered

  • e-hxlb

    Textured Large Heart Earrings: Satin

  • n-bbhs2

    Dbl Small Beaded Heart Necklace

  • e-tghr

    Lg Twiggy Ring with Heart Earrings

  • e-bbhs

    Small Beaded Heart Earrings

  • e-bbhl

    Large Beaded Heart Earrings

  • e-fhmz

    Flat Md Heart Earring with CZ

  • e-iltr

    Icon Locket: Tiny Round Earring

  • n-bbhl

    Large Beaded Heart Necklace

  • n-bbh2

    Mixed Beaded Heart Necklace

  • n-bbhs

    Small Beaded Heart Necklace

  • n-fh2t

    2 Tiny Flat Heart Charm Necklace

  • n-minh

    Plated Mini Slider Necklace - heart

  • n-tghr

    Lg Twiggy Ring with Heart Necklace

  • p-fht0

    Tiny Flat Heart Post Earring

  • n-fhm1

    Flat Heart Necklace: Med w/Gem

  • n-sh02

    Simply Hearts Necklace: Double Small

  • n-sh00

    Simply Hearts Necklace: Small

  • e-sh00

    Simply Hearts Earring: Small

  • p-sh00

    Simply Hearts Post Earring

  • p-hw00

    Wide Heart Post Earrings

  • n-sh01

    Simply Hearts Necklace: Sm with CZ

  • e-sh01

    Simply Hearts Earring: Small w/CZ

  • n-shm2

    Mixed Simply Hearts Necklace

  • n-shm0

    Simply Hearts Necklace: Med/Bright

  • n-shm1

    Simply Hearts Necklace: MED w/ cz

  • n-hcm0

    Charming Heart Necklace: Medium

  • n-fhs1

    Flat Heart Necklace: Sm w/Gem

  • e-fhs1

    Flat Small Heart Earring w/ Rondelle

  • p-hcm0

    Charming Heart Post Earring: Medium

  • p-fhm0

    Med Flat Heart Post Earring

  • b-mth5

    Tiny Heart Linked Bracelet

  • e-msh0

    Small Heart Earring

  • e-msh2

    Small Heart Earring

  • p-shh1

    Simply Hearts Post Earring: Hmrd w/Rondelle

  • p-sh10

    Simply Hearts Post Earring w/Rondelle

  • p-hcs1

    Charming Heart Post Earring: Small w/Rondelle

  • p-hcs9

    Charming Heart Post Earring: Small w/Gem

  • n-fh22

    Dble Threaded Heart Necklace

  • e-fh63

    Flat Heart Earring: #63

  • e-ho1h

    Heavy Oval Heart Earrings

  • n-ho1h

    Heavy Oval Necklace: heart

  • n-ibh0

    Itty Bitty Heart Necklace

  • n-mioh

    Mini Open Heart Slider Necklace

  • n-xhrs

    Stitched Heart Necklace

  • e-xhrs

    Stitched Heart Earring

  • n-xhrt

    Stitched Heart Necklace

  • n-xhr0

    Brushed Flat Heart Necklace w/ X: Large

  • e-xhrt

    Stitched Heart Earring

  • n-fh62

    Double Flat Heart Riveted Necklace #62

  • n-rh11

    Small Riveted Heart & Ring Necklace

  • n-fh42

    Double Riveted Tiny Heart Necklace

  • e-fh42

    Double Riveted Tiny Heart Earring

  • e-rd0h

    Riveted Disc Earring: Heart

  • n-rd0h

    Riveted Disc Necklace: Heart

  • n-ts1h

    Tiny Riveted Square Necklace: Heart

  • e-ts1h

    Riveted Tiny Square Earring: Heart

  • e-rd2h

    Riveted Medium Disc Earring: Heart

  • n-tghs

    Twiggy Necklace: SRound/heart

  • n-tghp

    Twiggy Pear Necklace: heart

  • n-tghh

    Twiggy Necklace: Heart/heart

  • e-tghs

    Twiggy Earring: SRound/Heart

  • e-tghp

    Twiggy Earring: Pear/Heart

  • e-tghh

    Twiggy Earring: Heart/heart

  • n-tgh2

    Twiggy Ring Necklace: 2 Hearts

  • e-tgh2

    Twgy Ring Earring: 2 Hearts

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